Muslim illegals riot in our capital city

We all know that Greek society is at the moment in a state of turpitude and degradation, and yet none of the assaults – the impunity with which anarchists and neo-terrorists act, the continuous scandals, Turkish provocations in Thrace and the Aegean, the stupid Skopjans – have infuriated me more than the events in central Athens yesterday in which thousands of Muslims, mostly illegal immigrants, rioted in 'protest' at a policeman allegedly defacing an Arab drug-dealer's Koran. (See report in English here).

These people have no right to be in Greece. They have contributed to an exponential rise in criminality, insecurity and degeneration of city life. Their religion and their fanatical devotion to it is utterly alien to Hellenism. It is in fact an insult to Hellenism – our history and way of life. I thought the purpose of 1821 was to drive out this obnoxious, vicious creed from our country, and yet here we are inviting it back in and indulging it.
The two videos above are from last night's MEGA and ANT1 news. In the MEGA item, some fat bald Arab bloke called Naim Elgandor has the unbelievable audacity to refer to a GREEK policeman as 'uneducated and irresponsible'; while Taliban manqué Javed Aslan declares that it would have been better if the police had killed him, rather than 'tear up' the Koran.
As for the ANT1 video, I was left stunned by the idiot anchor Nikos Evangelatos, who towards the end of the item delivers a contemptible little sermon – what the fuck are TV anchors doing delivering sermons? – which goes something like this:
'First of all, religious freedom must be respected by everyone. If someone feels that his religious feelings have been insulted, then obviously something must be done to address this. Even though nothing can excuse the events we have seen in central Athens and the police deny claims that [in an anti-drugs operation] they defaced a suspect's Koran; the fact is that such situations are dangerous and can lead to other extreme acts. Clashes between Muslims and the police are not a pleasant thing. We are all obliged to respect Muslims and their faith… Muslim immigrants who live in Greece and Greek Muslims must be free to practice their religion in any way they see fit…'
If Evangelatos' nauseating outpourings reflect any kind of general feeling in Greece, then the country is finished.

And one more thing: I'm sick and tired of listening to Greek officials say they need EU help to deal with the issue of illegal immigration. Greece has to deal with this issue itself. It is Greek national security, Greek society and Greek lives that are threatened – not French, Polish or Estonian – and the Greek government has to take whatever measures it sees fit to protect the country. Expel the illegals, jail them, do whatever it takes – and worry about any 'human rights' criticisms after.